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Type: excursion

Transportation: Van car, bus
Duration: half day
Notes: Groznjan,Motovun,Hum, Dvigrad,Lim Fyord

Monuments of inestimable value as the remains of Roman and Byzantine Empire, the Republic of Venice, Napoleon and Austro-Hungary Empire. Gothic and Baroque palaces, medieval towers and ramparts, churches and squares.All this and much more you can discover in Grožnjan, Motovun, Sv. Vinčenat, Hum (the smallest city in the world), and Dvigrad. Discover with us the magic that those places cherish.

Experience Istria and all of its beauties in just one day! With this extraordinary tour you will be introduced to our beautiful coast and interesting continental parts while discovering its cultural and historical side.

The excursion commences in Rovinj and the first destination is Lim canal. Lim canal is 35 km long and it represents the most beautiful natural resort of Istrian peninsula. Rich vegetation and a variety of animal species are typical for this national park.

The exploration adventure is continued in the underground world of Beredine cave which will leave you breathless with its miraculous stalactite and stalagmite shapes and endemic underground animal species.

After this mysterious underworld you will be taken back to the light of day in Poreč where you will see the most beautiful monument of early Byzantine art, the Euphrasius Basilica, which was in 1997 placed on UNESCOs list of world heritage sights.

Impressive mosaics, archeological remains and sacral monuments will reveal all the beauty of medieval era.

In order to continue inspiring you with the medieval ambience our tour will be continued in Motovun, small town on a top of a hill whose walls overlook fruitful vineyards and the Motovun forest famous for Istrian gastronomic treasure-truffles, along with a glass of good vine you will have the opportunity to taste it in a typical Istrian tavern.

Your heart will then be conquered by Hum, a town that found its place in the Guinness book of world records as the world s smallest town.

Our excursion is completed in Dvigrad, remains of a medieval town also known as  Amorous town, as this is exactly what we strive to achieve, you falling in love with Istria after completing this excursion

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