Beaches in Rovinj
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Rovinj location: Golden Cape, Old town,Borik, Villas Rubin, Polari
Notes: Cuvi,Skaraba, Lone, Monte,Balsamake,Red Island

LONE : Near the main entrance of the protected forrest park Zlatni rt there is a bech called LONE,one of the most visited by Rovinj residents, and also by several guests accomodated in one of the nearby newopened hotel.

LONE : Near the main entrance of the protected forrest park Zlatni rt there is a bech called LONE,one of the most visited by Rovinj residents, and also by several guests accomodated in one of the nearby newopened hotel.The graveled beach that was recently renewed is indicated for all the swimmers but particulary for the families with children.The beach is easily accesible walking by the sea or by the extended routes thru the Mediterranean maquis shade.Except the main beach there are few small inlets where is situated one Beach bar with servicies and refreshing drinks to cool a bit the summer hotness. 

Kuvi is a multifunktional beach made by several inlets partly overspread by the fine gravel and partly is rocky as the mother nature created.The beach is suitable for all the ones that likes the acrobatic or agonistic jumping into the sea from several existed moles.It is siutable also for the children because of some small inlets with shallow water and a small playground nearby.The beach offers also 2 Beach-bars with all the servicies , refreshing drinks and icecream. The distance from the city center is about 2km away so it is optimal to use bicycles taking the sunny promenade way just partly shaded by the antient trees of the meriterranean maquis.

Skaraba Cape is located at about 3km away from the city center in the forrest park Zlatni Rt (Golden Cape) and it is one of the oldest beaches that all the old visitors can remeber with pleasure .You can get there by car, parking on the Monvi parking place and taking a short 5/10min walk , or by byke injoying a pleasant ride through the rich vegetation surroundings and a beautifull seaside ways.The beach is indicated for all the ones that likes jumpig into the sea beacuse it is difficoult to enter into the water differently, here the nature is the main actor where everithing is left how it was in the past..Rocky beach and the big stones are perfectly made to laydown and to take the sun in peace in the beautiful untouched nature.

Borik is the name of one part of the town situated at about 3km away from the city center and also the name of the beach, partly rocky and partly graveled .The beach is pretty small but charming beacause of the beautifull open sea view ,on the island's and also on the magical old town Rovinj like on the beautifull picture postard.The beach offers few bars and a coupple of exclusive restaurant's,one of them has the small terrace on the mole perfeclty made for the romantic dinner with a view that will take your breath away.

Monte is the beach situated in the old town it is rocky, with a beautiful view on the open sea and the Katarina island.For all the turists staying in the apartment's of the city center this beach will be just a few minutes walk,ideal after a short visit at the old town or after a refreshing drink in a romantic coctail bar Valentino situated on the rocks straight by the sea. Even if the beach is just 150meters long it is devided in a few parts,little and big Guguliera (small beaches suitable for the children),and Balota & Lanterna beaches that are more suitable for adults because the only acces in the sea is jumping from the rocks.

Red island correctly called S'th Andrea's island is the biggest in the archipelago of Rovinj and it is connected with an artificial mole to another island called Maskin.The distance from the city center is about 15 minutes with a motor boat that departs approximately every hour from two piers ,one in the center and one called Delfin (close to the Hotel Park).The sailing is very pleasant beacause of the beautifull view on the Katarina island,then continuing with a

Lone bay and the national park Zlatni rt (Golden Cave).On the island there is a Hotel Istra**** a four star hotel completely renewed ,with all the turistic servicies needed , the castel that is in a part a museum and in the other a romantic dependance with it's rooms,two bars and a restaurant with a magnificent view.Hotel Istra disposes also a new wellness center, hairdresser, shops, restaurant's and swimming pools. The beach is fine graveled and had won a prestigius award Blue flag. Except injoying the sun this beach offers several sport activities and entertainment,children playground and a mini club.The Maskin island mentioned above is the naturistic beach,mostly rocky with a few small inlets that will offer you the needed peace and privacy.