Brioni Islands
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Type: bus, guide, trip, boat

Transportation: bus, van, boat
Duration: 6h
Notes: Natural Park, Tito's island

Brijuni archipelago consists of 2 large islands, Great and Small Brijun and 13 small islets. Brioni is known for its mild climate and lush vegetation. The zoo is open, so the animals can freely walk around the island, which is a wonderful experience for anyone visiting this lovely island. With the accommodation of the highest level Brijuni offer the best deal of active content (from golf to windsurfing)

The Brijuni archipelago covers a group of 14 islands and islets of axceptional beauty. Brijuni were declared a national park in 1984.

A ride on a tourist train will take you to the safari park.

An expert guide will also show you the remnants of a Byzantine fortification, a photo-exposition "Tito on

Brijuni", the Archeological Museum and St.German's church.

This boat trip offers you sun, sea and a relaxing change of pace.

We sail to one of the numerous bays, where we will enjoy grilled fish as well as wine in an unforgettable atmosphere.

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