Terms and Conditions

By confirming the reservation will be implied that you are familiar with the rules and agree completely with the following:

1. Offer

Reservation requests may be made by e-mail, fax or phone. The answer will come to you ‘always writen by mail or by fax for greater safety and understanding, transparency and presentation (photo) of the units’ you have chosen. At the booking request we send the best offer trying to accommodate all your requests. The agency guarantees the veracity ‘of descriptions, photos, and all content related to housing, fair pricing and terms with which they are proposed. If in the case of major forces the apartment chosen by customers can not be used, the agency has a duty to provide for alternative accommodation without price reduction, if it is the same class / same level.

2. Booking

Accepting the proposed property and paying the deposit for it ,results the complete customer agreement to our terms and conditions. Paying the deposit and signing the contract, or Voucher …or providing credit card details , the guest establish a legal relationship with the agency and will confirm’ to be aware of this regulation and accept it .

Transaction fees for the payment of the account are paid 100% by the guest. Upon check-in and / or registration, the client must provide all data necessary for the booking confirmation.

At the act of the confirm of the booking it is necessary the payment of the deposit which percentage may be variating from 15% to 30% of the total amount depending on the type of property reserved. In case that the advance of the payment / deposit has not been paid in the agreed time it will be considerd as a cancellation of the reservation and that the agency can propose the same apartment to another guest .After receiving the advance the agency will send the booking confirm contract.

Regarding the amount (for the cancellation policy) it will be valid from the date that we received the cancellation.

-For cancellations received within 29 days before the arrival date will be ‘refunded the deposit (reducing bank charges and fee)

-For cancellations received by 28 days before your arrival date up to 7 days before arrival the deposit will be ‘withheld as a penalty.

-For cancellations received by 7 days before the arrival date within the same arrival date (No Show) The Agency will have the right to charge 100% of total amount as penalty for the loss.

For the advance payment is requested the following:

-send the copy of the advance payment

To do the money trasfer corectly please indicate ;

The name and surname of the holder of the reservation with the address, residence.

Receiver (agency):
Turisticki OBRT J & J Motovunska 16 52210 Rovinj, Hrvatska (Croatia)

IBAN: HR22 2340 0091 1601  37099


10000 Zagreb, Croatia

The guest has to provide to send the copy of the payment promptly, by fax or email …. otherwise the agency is not ‘required to confirm the booking and also does not have the responsibility’ for any defects / problems Inlcuding the delay of the arrival .

-Payment by bank money trasfer

For the correct payment / transaction data needed is the following:

The name and surname of the holder of the reservation with the address and residence.

3. Departure

In the case of earlier departure it will be charged the FULL AMOUNT of your reservation.

4.The Prices

The prices displayed / communicated by the agency are different varyaties and are attached to each apartment / studio / rooms .The prices are expressed in Euro based on the rate of the value of Kuna and foreign currencies.

The agency has the right to change the existing prices, and these can be modyfied in case of changes in the monetary maximum of 3% valuta.If this happens the agency cant guarantee the price agreed at the time of confirmation of the reservation and / or the advance payment.

The payment have to be made in the agency in Croatian Kuna currency following the price list of the owner validated by the main office of the tourism.

Registration costs 3 EUR per person-one-time payment

The prices includes the costs of electricity, gas, water

The prices on the official pricelist are considered the for rental of the apartment per day.Every property owner desides personaly about the prices for his properties.

5.The arrival

The guest arrives on the check-in date dyreclty in the agency office or at the apartment address . The Check-in can only be made after 2pm .The agency and the property owners are not due to accomodate the guest before the check-in time.

Upon arrival you will receive all the informations regarding the accommodation booked.

For some accommodations, the guest must leave the deposit (to the agency / owner of the property) from 100,00-200,00 Euros that will be used for repair of any damage, if the apartment results equal as on the arrival the guest will receive on the check-out the deposit back.


The apartment must be left on departure day by 10:00 am.

On the check-out the guest must allow the property owner or agent to check the entyre apartment if there are damages because it have to be left in the same conditions as founded.If there are dameges the agency has the wright to keep the deposit .If the guest don’t leave the apartment till 10am the agency can charge him the extra night automatically.

7.The agency rights for changes and cancellations

The agency has the right to propose modifications of the booking or cancel entyre reservations or in part (even confirmed with advance) if of the arrival or during the holiday there are problems with higher forces from which nobody can escape or remove them .

The agency in that case will propose other propertyes and altertatives and the variation of the booked accommodation can’ be done only if the customer agrees. Alternative proposal must be equal to the previous or higher quality / category .The agency has a duty to promptly notify their customers who have booked and confirmed the reservation with the payment of capparra ,of any change or cancellation of their reservation, following the higher forces ….. and if there is impossibility to find a suitable accommodation to return the total amount of reservation for unused service.

8.The complaints

Complaines are acceptable on the arrival and first days of the vacation, we do Not accept the c e do not accept the complains on departure day just to have a discount!!

We kindly ask you to report any complaints to solve them in time to satisfy both parts (guest and property owner).

9. The duties of the host

The guest has the duty to:

Stick to the rules of the house exhibited (written) in the apartment and colabourate with the owners of the property for the common good.

On the check-in the guest have to leave all the documents for the obligatory touristic registration that have to be turned back in max.24 hours .

Arrival of more people of what was agreed and confirmed by reservation or voucher, or bringing pets not advised previously is not’ allowed! In that case, the agency may cancel the reservation and collect the full amount of the booking.

At check-in, or max.up to three days before departure, the guest has to pay the total amount . The property owner or the agent can verify the apartment in any moment,it has to be equal as the guest found it


Every guest-holder of the contract (booking confirmation) has the right to complain the missing service.If the reservation / package booked and prepaid is not suitable, or is incomplete or missing of required services, the customer can demand compensation for the damage formulating the complaint in written format.

Complaints Procedure:

-if the guest is not sutisfyed with the apartment on his arrival, if the servicies are not the ones agreed when the booking was made, he have to advise the agency promptly about the dissatisfaction.

In the case that the guest is unable to contact the agency for its dissatisfaction about the state of the apartment have to advise the property owner. The guest has the duty to cooperate with the representative of the agency and the owner of the apartment to remove the cause of the complaint in the best way for both parts.

If the guest does not accept a proposal on spot for the resolution of the complaint which can be’an alternative apartment the same level /category or higher , the agency will not accept a further complaint and will not have to respond about it.

If the guest will not be satisfied in property booked ,and leaves the property finding alternatives by himself without leaving the agency the oportunity to fix and resolve the problem or to find another accommodation at the same level, that guest may NOT pretend to be refunded neither can report even if the reason of complain is justified or not.

If the reasons are justified but cant be removed, the Agency will find a suitable alternative accommodation.

The highest compensation for the complain can not be higher that the amount of the claim, but they can not contain the services allready used in the total amount of the reservation. It is excluded the right of the host for the compensation for non-material damage.

11.Jurisdiction of the court

If the guest is not sutisfyed to the solution (apartment) provided by the agency,he has the right to submit the denunciation. For this cases, the request must be made to the court of jurisdiction of Rovinj.

12 Notice

Following the payment / advance of the booking, the guest accepts the rules and all the conditions listed above.